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100% online

You can apply for your visa online without leaving your house. You can send all necessary documents by email. In order to collect your passport and other documents which may be needed in original copy, we will organize the pick-up at your place with our trusted courier. The, we will send you your passport with visa ready for boarding.

or face to face

If you prefer, you can collect your passport at our office. Yes, we also have an office open to the public. It is in Rome, which is where most foreign embassies are located in Italy.

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What is a visa?

The visa is an official authorization with which the government of a country authorizes the entry and stay of a foreign citizen on their soil. This authorization takes the form of a “stamp” on the pages of the passport issued by the diplomatic mission of the country for which the visa is requested.

When do you
need a visa?

Each case is different and policies often change. Generally speaking, Italian citizens need a visa when they travel out of the Schengen area for tourism, study or work purposes. Visa request must be made before leaving at the Embassy/Consulate of the destination country. Depending on the type of visa, the process may take a few hours or several weeks.

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Tourist visa

Where are you going?

When travelling to a foreign country for a holiday or a social visit, one must have a passport with a tourist visa. There is not one type of visa that works for all countries. Duration, costs and application process vary from one State to the other.

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Student visa

Such a life changing experience

Before leaving to study abroad, one must obtain a visa that authorizes his/her stay in the country for the entire duration of the course. It may be asked to produce various documents such as: certificates, academic qualifications and related translations, proof of relations with the country of origin. Do you want to have a study experience abroad but you don’t know where to start? Take a look at what our friends from LIA – Language in Action have to offer.

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work visa

Living the
expat life

The type of visa you need to apply for if you want to work abroad varies greatly according to the country and the type of employment: seasonal, temporary, intra-company transfer, entrepreneurship and investments. The issuing process takes longer and is more complex than other types of visas.

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